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             abstract = "Traditionally, space mission operations are based on preplanned 
                         activities fulfilled by the ground segment. Due to restricted 
                         visibility windows and communication delays, some space systems 
                         cannot be completely controlled from the ground in real-time. A 
                         way to overcome this issue is to equip the satellite flight 
                         software with an autonomous decision-making system such as onboard 
                         automated planning techniques. This paper presents a comprehensive 
                         survey on goal-based mission planning to increase the level of 
                         spacecraft autonomy. The most used onboard planning techniques for 
                         space missions such as temporal and hierarchical planning are 
                         presented in detail. We describe several onboard planners and 
                         compare them by design choices and performance results. Research 
                         trends in goal-based planning for the space domain are also 
                         outlined. This paper highlights the automated mission planning, 
                         whose state of the art has not been deeply explored by other 
                         surveys on autonomous spacecraft.",
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