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             abstract = "The Scintillation Prediction Observations Research Task (SPORT) is 
                         a 6U CubeSat mission to advance the scientific understanding of 
                         the preconditions leading to equatorial plasma bubbles. The 
                         scientific literature describes these preconditions in both the 
                         ionospheric drifts and the density profiles related to bubbles 
                         forming several hours later in the evening. SPORT, being deployed 
                         from the ISS, will provide a systematic study of the state of the 
                         pre-bubble conditions at all longitudes sectors to enhance 
                         understanding between geography and magnetic geometry. SPORT is an 
                         international partnership between Brazil and the United States. 
                         This talk will present an overview of the SPORT mission, 
                         observation strategy, and science objectives to improve 
                         predictions of ionospheric disturbances that affect radio 
                         propagation of telecommunication signals. We will also discuss how 
                         SPORT observations combined with observations from the FPMU on the 
                         ISS and upcoming missions like LAICE, LLITED, and SORTIE can be 
                         used as an ad-hoc constellation to study tidal forcing and 
                         day-to-day variability of the Earths ionosphere. The upcoming 
                         combination of satellite observations from multiple nearly 
                         circular middle inclination orbit and the extensive operation of 
                         ground-based observations from South America near the magnetic 
                         equator present a unique scientific opportunity to study 
                         ionospheric variability.",
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