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             abstract = "The Eastern Pacific (EP) and Central Pacific (CP) El Niño-Southern 
                         Oscillation (ENSO) types and their impacts on the tropical North 
                         Atlantic (TNA) SST variability and 15N15S South American 
                         precipitation during the warm and cold phases of the Atlantic 
                         Multidecadal Oscillation (WAMO and CAMO) were evaluated during the 
                         19012012 period. The results show more frequent ENSO events during 
                         the CAMO. The El Niño (EN) (La Niña [LN]) events, regardless of 
                         type (EP or CP), during the WAMO (CAMO) were accompanied by a 
                         warming (cooling) in the TNA after its mature phases. In these 
                         cases, extratropical teleconnection patterns are established 
                         through variations in the Pacific/North America (PNA) 
                         teleconnection pattern and are accompanied by variations in the 
                         Walker circulation. For the EN (LN) in the CAMO (WAMO), the 
                         tropical teleconnections occur predominant, through the Walker 
                         cell and the zonal inter-basin gradient, which is intensified due 
                         to the SST gradient between the eastern equatorial Pacific 
                         (nonneutral anomalies) and the equatorial Atlantic (neutral 
                         anomalies). These circulation pattern changes affect the 
                         precipitation patterns in the 15N15S South American sector during 
                         DecemberJanuaryFebruary (D(0)JF(+1)) and March AprilMay (MAM(+1)). 
                         The EP EN (EPEN) events are associated with the intensification of 
                         the negative precipitation anomalies in northeastern Brazil (NEB) 
                         during the WAMO and in the central part of the Amazon during the 
                         CAMO. In the case of CP EN (CPEN) events, the greatest differences 
                         between the AMO phases occur during MAM(+1), with reverse sign 
                         anomalies over northwestern South America. In the case of LN 
                         events, the largest differences occur in NEB, with reduced 
                         rainfall in the WAMO, regardless of type EP or CP. The results 
                         presented here highlight the role of low frequency oscillations in 
                         defining the teleconnection patterns between tropical Pacific and 
                         Atlantic Oceans, not discussed previously.",
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