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             abstract = "Heavy rainfall and strong winds occurred in the South of Mato 
                         Grosso do Sul State, Brazil on 5 December 2015. In this study the 
                         synoptic conditions responsible for the storms and their social 
                         consequences are analyzed. Also, the state-of-art model (WRF) was 
                         used to simulate the atmospheric conditions in this severe event. 
                         The results showed that the storm had harmful consequences both in 
                         the cities of the region and in the interior of the state, with 
                         floods, threw down trees and impacts on the energy distribution. 
                         The synoptic analysis showed that over the Mato Grosso do Sul 
                         State at high levels occurred a region of wind difluence which was 
                         associated with convective clouds of large vertical development. 
                         This event was responsible for the heavy rainfall and strong winds 
                         in the region. The model results showed that the simulations were 
                         in good agreement with the observations. Thus, numerical weather 
                         forecast using the model may be extremely useful to obtain 
                         important information to mitigate the possible adverse effects of 
                         future severe weather events. This study forms part of a 
                         cooperative Project between National Institute for Space Research 
                         and Energy Power Company aimed to mitigate the impacts of severe 
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