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             abstract = "This paper introduces a method to study the relation among 
                         parameters that can cause the origin of M/X solar flares. Solar 
                         flares, especially flares of types M and X, make the Earths 
                         atmosphere more ionized and have an effect on radio signals, which 
                         can cause disruptions in wireless communications. This situation 
                         points out to the need for better identification of the parameters 
                         involved in M/X solar flares. The method is based on four 
                         categorical parameters and their relations. Relations are 
                         demonstrated by association rules which were extracted by the 
                         APRIORI algorithm and the most promising rules were filtered by 
                         support and confidence metrics. Results of the most promising 
                         rules had been compared by application to different periods of the 
                         23rd and the 24th solar cycles.",
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