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             abstract = "In this report we advance in exploring further details concerning 
                         the formal aspects of the construction of a Flag-dipole spinor. We 
                         report a (re-)definition of the dual structure which provide a 
                         Lorentz invariant and non-null norm, ensuring a local theory. With 
                         the new dual structure at hands, we look towards define relevant 
                         physical amounts, e.g., spin sums and quantum field operator. As 
                         we will see, the Flag-dipole and the Elkos theory are quite 
                         familiar. In this vein, it is possible, via a matrix 
                         transformation, to write Flag-dipole spinors in terms of Elko 
                         spinor, evincing that both spinors are physically related and some 
                         physical amounts may be stated as equivalent.",
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