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             abstract = "The presence of deep moist convection in a large part of Mexico is 
                         a condition typical of summer; the effects of land surface 
                         processes and mesoscale circulations are usually not included in 
                         the diagnostic and forecasting of deep moist convection, mainly 
                         because of the scale at which they occur. This study examines the 
                         effect of the soil moisture fluxes on convective initiation in the 
                         central region of Mexico during the summer periods of 2010 2014. 
                         Other aspects considered are the function of the average flux of 
                         the boundary layer in the transport of humidity towards the 
                         initiation zone. Remote sensing satellite data used are the 
                         cloud-top temperature, soil moisture, land surface temperature and 
                         precipitation. The results show over the initiation zone an 
                         increase in the soil moisture and a decrease in the land surface 
                         temperature in the direction of the mean flux at low levels. The 
                         soil moisture anomaly (SMA) presents a temporal variability being 
                         May, the composite more similar to previous studies, initiation 
                         zone drier and warmer than surroundings. The background low-level 
                         winds have an important role in the displacement of convection 
                         core and creating different features of SMA and land surface 
                         temperature anomaly.",
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