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             abstract = "This study aimed to evaluate the effects of cold atmospheric 
                         pressure plasma (CAPP) jet on Trichophyton rubrum growth, 
                         germination and adherence to nail. The effects of plasma jet on T. 
                         rubrum conidia germination and on mycelial growth were evaluated 
                         by in vitro assays. An ex vivo nail infection model was used to 
                         evaluate the effects on conidia adherence and infection. 
                         Biochemical analyses of nail fragments exposed or not to CAPP were 
                         performed by attenuated total reflectance-Fourier transform 
                         infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy. Plasma jet exposure for 10 and 
                         15 min completely inhibited mycelial growth after only one 
                         exposure. Fifteen minutes of exposure could reduce conidia 
                         germination in suspension. Fungal suspensions exposed to plasma 
                         jet for 10 and 15 min were not able to infect nail specimens. 
                         These results were corroborated by ATR-FTIR analyses of nail 
                         fragments. In conclusion, single exposure to CAPP for 15 min was 
                         able to inhibit fungal growth, adherence and infection capacity. 
                         The results suggest that cold atmospheric plasma jet can be a 
                         promising alternative for the treatment of onychomycoses caused by 
                         T. rubrum.",
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