author = "Santos, Josu{\'e} Cardoso dos",
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             abstract = "The present work presents a test of two Hamiltonians that produce 
                         integrable models recently proposed to study the roto-orbital 
                         motion of an axisymmetric rigid body in motion under a central 
                         gravitational field. The dynamics assumed here is approached by 
                         the motion of an axisymmetric rigid body orbiting another massive 
                         spherical one. Based on the concept of intermediary, both models 
                         are treated in Hamiltonian formalism, as perturbation of the 
                         Keplerian-Eulerian motion, using canonical variables associated to 
                         the total angular momentum. An analysis of parameters introduced 
                         to visualize possible different applications are made, in this 
                         case with special focus in binary asteroid type dynamics. The 
                         parameters space analysis present comparisons of two recently 
                         proposed intermediaries with respect to the original 
                         non-analytically integrable model and with respect to each other. 
                         In conclusion, both models behave well in regions of the 
                         parameters space where they were proposed to be valid.",
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