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                         a weakening of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 
                         (AMOC) resulting in a widespread surface cooling of the North 
                         Atlantic and a southward displacement of the Intertropical 
                         Convergence Zone (ITCZ). In the western tropical Atlantic, 
                         competing ocean and atmospheric processes may result in 
                         contrasting surface hydrography scenarios north and south of the 
                         equator during the YD. Based on new and compiled data, we provide 
                         an up-to-date model-data comparison of changes in western tropical 
                         Atlantic surface hydrography during the YD. We show that both 
                         transient model simulations and proxy results indicate warming of 
                         sea surface temperatures (SST) in the western tropical South 
                         Atlantic, but disagree for the SST in the western tropical North 
                         Atlantic. Proxies also reveal a complex spatial pattern in surface 
                         salinity in the western tropical Atlantic, while a broad negative 
                         anomaly is observed in the model output. By comparing planktonic 
                         foraminiferal Ba/Ca records from different records in the western 
                         tropical Atlantic we constrain ITCZ shifts from the YD to the 
                         early Holocene. Based on the Ba/Ca records, the ITCZ reached its 
                         southernmost position between 13 and 11.8 ka and started to move 
                         northward reaching its northernmost position between 10.8 and 9.7 
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