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             abstract = "The impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO) on the 
                         variations in the streamflow in the Atrato River Basin (ARB) 
                         during the 19652016 period was analyzed here by considering the 
                         cold (19651994) and warm (19952015) phases of this oscillation. 
                         The mean streamflow increased after 1994 (AMO phase change). This 
                         increase is related to the strengthening of the zonal gradients of 
                         the sea surface temperature (SST) and sea level pressure (SLP) 
                         between the tropical central Pacific and the tropical Atlantic 
                         after 1994 (warm AMO phase). These gradients contributed to 
                         strengthen the Walker cell related upward movement over northern 
                         and northwestern South America, in particular during 
                         November-December (ND). Consistently, the frequency (R20 mm) and 
                         intensity (SDII) of extreme daily rainfall events increased during 
                         the 19952015 period. Our results show a connection between the AMO 
                         and the increase in the streamflow in the ARB during the last five 
                         decades. These results contribute to the studies of resilience and 
                         climate adaptation in the region.",
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