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             abstract = "Oceanic-atmospheric phenomena of different time scales 
                         concurrently might affect the streamflow in several basins around 
                         the world. The Atrato River Basin (ARB) and Pat{\'{\i}}a River 
                         Basin (PRB) of the Colombian Pacific region are examples of such 
                         basins. Nevertheless, the relations between the streamflows in the 
                         ARB and PRB and the oceanic-atmospheric factors have not been 
                         examined considering different temporal scales. Hence, this 
                         article studies the relations of the climate indices and the 
                         variability of the streamflows in the ARB and PRB at interannual 
                         and decadal timescales. To this, the streamflow variability modes 
                         were obtained from the principal component analysis (PCA); 
                         furthermore, their linear dependence with indices of the El 
                         Niņo/Southern Oscillation (ENSO), precipitation (PRP), the Choco 
                         low-level jet (CJ), and other indices were quantified through (a) 
                         Pearson and Kendalls tau correlations, and (b) wavelet transform. 
                         The PCA presented a single significant mode for each basin, with 
                         an explained variance of around 80%. The correlation analyses 
                         between the PC1s of the ARB and PRB, and the climate indices 
                         showed significant positive (negative) high correlations with PRP, 
                         CJ, and Southern Oscillation Index (SOI) (ENSO indices). The 
                         wavelet coherence analysis showed significant coherencies between 
                         ENSO and ARB: at interannual (27 years) and decadal scale (814), 
                         preferably with the sea surface temperature (SST) in the east and 
                         west Tropical Pacific Ocean (TPO). For PRB with the SST in the 
                         central and western regions of the TPO in the interannual (48 
                         years) and decadal (814 years) scales, the decreases (increases) 
                         in streamflow precede the El Niņo (La Niņa) events. These results 
                         indicate multiscale relations between the basins streamflow and 
                         climate phenomena not documented in previous works, relevant to 
                         forecast the extreme flow events in the Colombian Pacific rivers 
                         and for planning and implementing strategies for the sustainable 
                         use of water resources in the basins studied.",
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