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             abstract = "An analysis of climate extremes indices was conducted for maximum 
                         temperatures (TMax), minimum temperatures (TMin), and daily 
                         rainfall data (PRCP) over the northeast region of Brazil for the 
                         period of 19612014. The indices were calculated for 96 weather 
                         stations using RClimDex software in a sub-regional study based on 
                         cluster analysis, as well as for each individual weather station, 
                         after a rigorous process of quality control, gap filling of 
                         missing values, and homogenization. The Mann-Kendall 
                         non-parametric trend test was employed to assess the statistical 
                         significance of the series. The results indicate unequivocal signs 
                         of heating. In the past decades, there were predominant trends of 
                         decrease in the percentage of cold nights ( 8.4% days/decade), 
                         increase in the percentage of the number of warm nights (10.6% 
                         days/decade), increase in the number of days per decade in which 
                         the minimum temperature exceeded the threshold of 20 \�C, 
                         and a trend showing an increase in heat waves. This was 
                         corroborated by the declining trend in the number of consecutive 
                         days in which TMin did not exceed the 10th percentile, and the 
                         increase in the number of consecutive days in which TMax exceeded 
                         the 90th percentile in the data distribution. With regard to PRCP, 
                         in most weather stations where there is a significant increase in 
                         consecutive dry days, there is also a trend of significant 
                         increase in consecutive wet days, thereby intensifying the 
                         seasonality, with the dry seasons becoming drier and the rainy 
                         seasons wetter. In most weather stations, a reduction was found in 
                         the total annual precipitation and in the frequency of rainy days. 
                         Moreover, in many stations, an increase in rainfall events that 
                         surpasses the threshold of 95% and 99% in the distribution was 
                         discovered. These factors highlight concerns of a region of Brazil 
                         marked by the scarcity of perennial water resources and the threat 
                         of desertification.",
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