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             abstract = "This study examines the influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal 
                         Oscillation (AMO) on the Choco Low-level Jet (CJ) variations 
                         during the 1983-2016 period. Considering the September-November 
                         (SON) 925 hPa zonal wind index in the CJ core, a significant 
                         breakpoint occurs in 1997 with larger values after 1997. The 
                         changes in the CJ and Caribbean Low-Level Jet (CLLJ), and their 
                         related ocean-atmospheric patterns and impacts on precipitation 
                         over Colombia were analyzed considering separately the 1983-1996 
                         and 1998-2016 periods, which overlap the cold and warm AMO phases, 
                         respectively. During the 1998-2016 period, the negative sea 
                         surface temperature (SST) anomalies in the tropical Pacific Ocean 
                         and the positive ones in the Caribbean Sea and Tropical North 
                         Atlantic (TNA) strengthen the CJ and weaken the CLLJ, and moisture 
                         is transported into Central and Western Colombia increasing the 
                         rainfall there. Our results indicate that part of the CJ 
                         strengthening after 1997 was due to a higher percentage of intense 
                         CJ events coinciding with La Nina events during the warm AMO and 
                         cold Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) background. However, the 
                         AMO-related SST and sea level pressure (SLP) variations in the TNA 
                         seem to be more crucial in modulating the CJ and CLLJ intensities, 
                         such that CJ is weakened (intensified) and CLLJ is intensified 
                         (weakened) before (after) 1997. As far as we know, the relations 
                         of the CJ and CLLJ intensities to the AMO phases were not examined 
                         before and might be useful for modeling studies.",
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