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             abstract = "We investigated the importance assigned to forest extractive 
                         resources (FR) for subsistence and income generation by colonist 
                         and Caboclos populations in the Brazilian Amazon. Key informants 
                         in 114 settlements (82 Caboclos and 32 colonists) in the southwest 
                         region of Par{\'a} classified on a four-level ordinal scale the 
                         importance of fruits, medicinal plants, hunting, fishing, and wood 
                         for both subsistence (FRI-s) and income generation (FRI-i). FRI-s 
                         was higher than FRI-i, which had a lower importance overall, 
                         except for fishing among Caboclos. The differences and 
                         similarities found both within and between the social groups 
                         refuted this social dichotomy as a major factor mediating the 
                         relationship with FR. We discuss possible socioeconomic factors as 
                         probable causes to explain the importance values found. The low 
                         importance for income generation may reveal the constraints on FR 
                         extraction in the Amazon, which can jeopardize the role of forest 
                         extractive reserves for economic development in the region.",
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