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             abstract = "The last glacial period (116e11.7 ka BP) was an interval 
                         characterized by a sequence of abrupt millennialscale events well 
                         documented in Greenland and Antarctica ice-cores. Throughout this 
                         period, Greenland cold stadials were accompanied by warm 
                         conditions in the thermocline to intermediate waters of the 
                         Atlantic Ocean that may have played a role in both the basal 
                         melting of ice shelves and the rapid atmospheric warming during 
                         the onset of warm interstadials. Climate model simulations 
                         indicated an accentuated response of the subtropical western South 
                         Atlantic thermocline to the disturbances in the Atlantic 
                         circulation. Such works encourage investigations upon 
                         thermocline/deep-dwelling planktic foraminifera in this region; 
                         however, a study with this aim was not performed. Here we present 
                         a paleoceanographic reconstruction from the subtropical western 
                         South Atlantic based on the thermocline planktic foraminifera 
                         Globorotalia inflata. Our high-resolution d18O record for the last 
                         glacial period presents a millennial-scale variability that 
                         strongly resembles the structure of the Greenland 
                         DansgaardOeschger cycles during Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5. 
                         During MIS 3, this millennial-scale variability is absent or 
                         considerably dampened. Mg/Ca-derived temperature and seawater d18O 
                         corrected for icevolume for the MIS 5 interval demonstrate that 
                         the region was warmer and saltier (colder and fresher) during 
                         early-glacial stadials (interstadials). Our data suggest a 
                         reorganization of the northward heat transport throughout the last 
                         glacial, in which regions as far south as 24 S acted as heat 
                         reservoirs in periods of weakened Atlantic Meridional Overturning 
                         Circulation during MIS 5 but not necessarily (or only marginally) 
                         during MIS 3.",
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