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             abstract = ": In recent years, Earth observation (EO) satellites have 
                         generated big amounts of geospatial data that are freely available 
                         for society and researchers. This scenario brings challenges for 
                         traditional spatial data infrastructures (SDI) to properly store, 
                         process, disseminate and analyze these big data sets. To meet 
                         these demands, novel technologies have been proposed and 
                         developed, based on cloud computing and distributed systems, such 
                         as array database systems, MapReduce systems and web services to 
                         access and process big Earth observation data. Currently, these 
                         technologies have been integrated into cutting edge platforms in 
                         order to support a new generation of SDI for big Earth observation 
                         data. This paper presents an overview of seven platforms for big 
                         Earth observation data management and analysisGoogle Earth Engine 
                         (GEE), Sentinel Hub, Open Data Cube (ODC), System for Earth 
                         Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land 
                         Monitoring (SEPAL), openEO, JEODPP, and pipsCloud. We also provide 
                         a comparison of these platforms according to criteria that 
                         represent capabilities of the EO community interest.",
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