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             abstract = "Nowadays, Field Programmable Gate Array are employed in several 
                         commercial applications in the space systems. This article 
                         presents a current survey about mitigation techniques for 
                         radiation effects in electronic devices that are specific for 
                         Commercial Off-the-Shelf. The techniques are classified and insert 
                         in multiples groups according to the adopted strategy Also, they 
                         are ranked according with the bibliographic research, their 
                         publication year and how they are aligned with the principles of 
                         Theory of inventive problem solving. This theory drives the 
                         emergence of inventive principles, which are can lead to solutions 
                         to problems, with innovation. In this article it was not possible 
                         to address all aspects of this theory, limiting itself to the 
                         contradiction matrix. Synthetically, current literature research 
                         and problem-solving theory are used to analyze fault mitigation 
                         techniques. The ranking off the mitigation techniques can support 
                         the researchers, developers, organizations (public, private and 
                         academic) and governments during the process of chosen of the 
                         mitigation technique according their necessities off radiation 
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