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             abstract = "The surface-area-to-volume ratio (SAV) is a signifcant parameter 
                         in vegetation description, although diferent researchers have 
                         presented diverging estimates for forest litter. However, 
                         considering litter as a unique entity and disregarding the SAV of 
                         its components provides a misleading fre rate of spread. 
                         Undoubtedly, the leaves are more relevant than the twigs for the 
                         rate of spread of surface fres, as the former has a higher SAV. 
                         Therefore, based on the proven hyperdominance of tree species in 
                         the Brazilian rainforest, this work presents an accurate method to 
                         estimate the SAV. Furthermore, it demonstrates the critical role 
                         played by the SAV in the litter fammability and fre rate of spread 
                         assessments and shows that the leaf moisture content does not 
                         infuence its SAV. Besides, comparing SAV data using the 
                         methodology presented herein with other authors assessments, the 
                         results difer by up to 49%. Finally, using the Brazilian 
                         rainforest litter in the methodologies of two distinct authors 
                         showed a diference of at least 36% in the results. The primary 
                         outcome of this study is the estimation of the SAV of leaves and 
                         thin, medium, and thick twigs, representative of the Brazilian 
                         rainforest, at 12,680 m\−1, 1360 m\−1, 620 
                         m\−1, and 310 m\−1, respectively. The estimated SAV 
                         values are essential input data to numerical simulation models, 
                         and for comparison purposes with other authors work, the litter 
                         SAV is 8460 m\−1.",
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