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             abstract = "The Amazon biome contains more than half of the remaining tropical 
                         forests of the planet and has a strong impact on aspects of 
                         meteorology such as the planetary boundary layer (PBL). In this 
                         context, the objective of this study was to conduct observational 
                         evaluations of the daily cycle of the height of the PBL during its 
                         stable (night) and convective (day) phases from data that were 
                         measured and/or estimated using instruments such as a radiosonde, 
                         sodar, ceilometer, wind profiler, lidar and microwave radiometer 
                         installed in the central Amazon during 2014 (considered a typical 
                         year) and 2015 during which an intense El NiņoSouthern Oscillation 
                         (ENSO) event predominated during the GoAmazon experiment. The 
                         results from the four intense observation periods (IOPs) show that 
                         during the day and night periods, independent of dry or rainy 
                         seasons, the ceilometer is the instrument that best describes the 
                         depth of the PBL when compared with in situ radiosonde 
                         measurements. Additionally, during the dry season in 2015, the 
                         ENSO substantially influenced the growth phase of the PBL, with a 
                         15 % increase in the rate compared to the same period in 2014.",
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