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             abstract = "Important research areas, with national and international 
                         initiatives to implement instruments and develop science related 
                         to space wether in Latin America, have been a great experience for 
                         developing knowledge in the region. In the recent past, 
                         solar-terrestrial physics has devoted itself especially to pure 
                         science and, with ICAO / WMO, its training for {"}next-generation 
                         of environmental services, also following Best Practices provided 
                         by WMO partners within the aviation sector or among other UN and 
                         ISES discussions groups. We will present a brief report on Latin 
                         America's efforts and cooperation on space weather services. Some 
                         services such as EMBRACE (Brazil), SCIESMEX (Mexico), LAMP and 
                         MAGGIA Laboratory to the Space Weather (Argentina) and Space 
                         Climate Laboratory (Chile) have already started providing 
                         prediction, user watches, alerts and indices for alerts, as well 
                         as data distribution. New missions in satellites such as SPORT and 
                         COSMIC 2 together with ground instruments being exchanged is 
                         fostering the already existent cooperations. Many actions have 
                         recently been taken to promote Latin Americas timeframe by these 
                         centres in training, data exchange, expertise, and instruments by 
                         signing cooperation agreements. There is now a plan to make an 
                         alliance of these four members to strengthen services for the 
                         region. We aim to join efforts to develop a training plan by 
                         mapping skills and knowledge that should be addressed within the 
                         potential competencies defined for space weather related to 
                         operational services within our programs. This joint effort should 
                         also benefit from their specialization in best practices for 
                         face-to-face and online training, including learning strategies 
                         and assessment and use of training resources.",
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