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             abstract = "We provide a generalized discussion on the dynamics of a 
                         spacecraft around the equal-mass binary asteroid (90) Antiope, 
                         under the influence of solar radiation pressure at the perihelion 
                         and aphelion distances of the asteroid from the Sun. The 
                         polyhedral shape of the components of this asteroid is used to 
                         accurately model the gravitational field. Five unstable 
                         equilibrium points are determined and classified into two cases 
                         that allow classifying of the motion associated with the target as 
                         always unstable. The dynamical effects of the mass ratio of our 
                         binary system are investigated. We tested massless particles 
                         initially located at the periapsis distance on the equatorial 
                         plane of the primary of our binary asteroid. Bounded orbits around 
                         our system are not found for the longitudes lambda is an element 
                         of {60, 90, 120, 240, 270, 300}. We also discuss the orbital 
                         dynamics in the full potential field of (90) Antiope. The tested 
                         motions are mainly dominated by the binary's gravitational field; 
                         no significant effects of the SRP are detected. For lambda = 180 
                         degrees, less perturbed orbits are identified between 420 and 700 
                         km from the centre of the system, that corresponds to orbits with 
                         Delta a < 30 km and Delta e < 0.15. All the orbits with initial 
                         periapsis distance smaller than 350 km either collide with 
                         components of our asteroid or escape from the system.",
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