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             abstract = "We report on XMM-Newton X-ray observations that reveal CTCV 
                         J2056-3014 to be an unusual accretion-powered, intermediate polar 
                         (IP) system. It is a member of the class of X-ray-faint IPs whose 
                         space density remains unconstrained but potentially very high, 
                         withL(x,0.3-12 keV)of 1.8 x 10(31)erg s(-1). We discovered a 
                         coherent 29.6 s pulsation in X-rays that was also revealed in our 
                         reanalysis of published optical data, showing that the system 
                         harbors the fastest-spinning, securely known white dwarf (WD) so 
                         far. There is no substantial X-ray absorption in the system. 
                         Accretion occurs at a modest rate (similar to 6 x 10(-12)Myr(-1)) 
                         in a tall shock above the WD, while the star seems to be spinning 
                         in equilibrium and to have low magnetic fields. Further studies of 
                         CTCV J2056-3014 potentially have broad implications on the origin 
                         of magnetic fields in WDs, on the population and evolution of 
                         magnetic cataclysmic variables, and also on the physics of matter 
                         around rapidly rotating magnetic WDs.",
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