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             abstract = "Software Ecosystem (SECO) is a consolidated research area in 
                         software engineering, emerging as a paradigm for understanding 
                         dynamics and relationships among software systems that collaborate 
                         with each other to achieve their goals. Understanding the 
                         ecosystem and how its elements interact is essential for software 
                         evolution, especially for those that provide functions and 
                         services for other systems, such as software APIs. Once an API is 
                         being used by different software, future changes need to be made 
                         in a systematic and appropriate manner, considering the whole 
                         ecosystem. However, there is a lack of formal and effective ways 
                         for APIs evaluation in the context of SECO. Thus, in this paper, 
                         we present Ecolyzer, a prototype tool that aims to support the 
                         analysis of API usage considering its ecosystem through 
                         interactive visualization. To demonstrate the feasibility of our 
                         tool, we conducted a proof of concept (PoC) using an open-source 
                         platform API. The results obtained with Ecolyzer are useful and 
                         show that the prototype meets the goals described for the 
                         accomplishment of this work.",
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