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             abstract = "We describe the existence of an Amazonian low-level jet (ALLJ) 
                         that can affect the propagation and life cycle of convective 
                         systems from the northeast coast of South America into central 
                         Amazonia. Horizontal winds from reanalysis were analyzed during 
                         MarchAprilMay (MAM) of the two years (201415) of the 
                         GoAmazon2014/5 field campaign. Convective system tracking was 
                         performed using GOES-13 infrared imagery and classified into days 
                         with high and weak convective activity. The MAM average winds show 
                         a nocturnal enhancement of low-level winds starting near the coast 
                         in the early evening and reaching 1600 km inland by late morning. 
                         Mean 3-hourly wind speeds maximize at 910 m s\−1 near 900 
                         hPa, but individual days can have nighttime low-level winds 
                         exceeding 12 m s\−1. Based on objective low-level wind 
                         criteria, the ALLJ is present 10%40% of the time over the Amazon 
                         during MAM depending on the location and time of day. The 
                         evolution of the ALLJ across the Amazon impacts the frequency of 
                         occurrence of cloud clusters and the intensity of the moisture 
                         flux. In addition, the ALLJ is associated with the enhancement of 
                         northeasterly flow in the midtroposphere during active convective 
                         days, when vertical momentum transport may be occurring in the 
                         organized cloud clusters. During the weakly active convective 
                         period, the ALLJ is weaker near the coast but stronger across the 
                         central Amazon and appears to be linked more directly with the 
                         South American low-level jet.",
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