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                         well as radar and satellite data. Local observations of cloud 
                         occurrences, soil temperature, surface fluxes, and planetary 
                         boundary layer characteristics are coupled with satellite data to 
                         identify physical mechanisms that control the diurnal rainfall in 
                         Amazonas during the wet and dry season. This is accomplished by 
                         evaluating the atmospheric properties during the nocturnal periods 
                         from the days prior to rainfall and non-raining events. 
                         Comparisons between non-rainy and rainy transitions are presented 
                         for the wet (January to April) and dry (June to September) 
                         seasons. The results suggest that wet season diurnal precipitation 
                         is modulated mainly by night-time cloud coverage and local effects 
                         such as turbulence, while dry season rain events are mainly 
                         controlled by large-meso scale circulation.",
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