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             abstract = "The marine reservoir of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) is 
                         equivalent to the atmospheric carbon reservoir and represents the 
                         largest reduced carbon stock in the ocean. However, the role of 
                         DOC in the global carbon cycle is not fully understood. In this 
                         study, we analyzed the distribution of DOC in the water column of 
                         the Bransfield Strait, Northern Antarctic Peninsula. Data were 
                         collected during two summer cruises of the NAUTILUS project 
                         conducted by the Brazilian High Latitude Oceanography Group in 
                         February 2015 and 2016. We investigated the possible effects of 
                         the El Nino - Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and Southern Annular 
                         Mode (SAM) climate modes on DOC variability based on correlations 
                         between DOC and temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen. 
                         Concentrations of DOC ranged from 40.70 to 122.82 mu mol kg(-1) in 
                         2015 and 33.12 to 112.20 mu mol kg(-1) in 2016. The analysis shows 
                         that the vertical distribution of DOC in the Bransfield Strait may 
                         be controlled by a combination of vertical stratification, 
                         vertical export of organic matter and biological activity in the 
                         upper mixed layer during summertime. The significant interannual 
                         differences observed between DOC concentration and most 
                         physicochemical parameters may be linked to ENSO and SAM climate 
                         modes. The highest DOC concentration was observed in February 
                         2015, associated with a layer of warm surface water, due to the 
                         higher stratification of the water column. The ENSO and SAM 
                         climate modes were low and positive in that year, favoring 
                         intrusions of waters from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current. In 
                         contrast, February 2016 was characterized by record positive ENSO 
                         and SAM modes. The intensification of the Weddell Gyre induced the 
                         advection of cold, more oxygenated and recently formed shelf 
                         waters into the Bransfield Strait, which may have contributed to 
                         the lower DOC concentrations. This study contributes to a better 
                         understanding of the role of DOC in the global carbon cycle in a 
                         region of complex ocean circulation and mixing, and sensitive to 
                         global climate change.",
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