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             abstract = "The Earth's radiation belts were discovered by the Explorer I 
                         mission late in 1958. Since their discovery, the research on the 
                         physics of charged particles trapped in the Earths magnetic field 
                         attracted much attention from the scientific and technological 
                         community, which aspired to understand particle dynamics and also 
                         to deal with the so-called killer electrons traveling at 
                         geosynchronous orbit. However, the technological progress had to 
                         build-up by more than fifty years to culminate with the twin Van 
                         Allen Probes: high-level spaceborne platforms with identical 
                         state-of-theart, radiation-hardened instruments capable of 
                         withstanding an aggressive environment such as the Van Allen 
                         radiation belts. Throughout this period, the scientific community 
                         employed efforts to understand how solar wind drives the 
                         magnetospheric physical mechanisms acting at the trapped particle 
                         populations. Thenceforth, several discoveries have been done about 
                         the physical mechanism acting on accelerating particles, creating 
                         a transient fourth-structured radiation belt, or long quiescent 
                         period of extremely low particle flux and so on. As a consequence, 
                         outstanding questions still hold without a complete solution, such 
                         as for which solarterrestrial coupling configuration, the 
                         energetic electrons are withdrawn from the radiation belts region, 
                         or can the radiation belt particle flux be forecasted in adverse 
                         conditions, yet for where particles are sending when they are 
                         untrapped to the geomagnetic field. In this talk, we will present 
                         the basic concepts relay on Earth's magnetosphere, physics of 
                         radiation belt in Earth-like planets and we will take the 
                         advantage of Van Allen Probes mission period of flight, to present 
                         the main discoveries made so far, how the scientific groups works 
                         and finally, we will present the efforts made to get resolved the 
                         remained open questions.",
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