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             abstract = "Complex and/or highly integrated systems such as satellites, 
                         airplanes, air traffic controllers, cars, etc., require 
                         Dependability (Reliability, Maintainability, Availability, Safety, 
                         Security, etc.) assessments throughout their life cycle, 
                         especially in their development, where the time and cost to make 
                         changes are smaller. Such systems must achieve high levels of 
                         Dependability through a variety of approaches and processes. Among 
                         these, the processes of analysis and decision making from the 
                         conception phase to the final phase of the detailed project stand 
                         out, because in these phases the most important decisions are 
                         taken. Thus, the purpose of this article is to present a 
                         discussion on detailing processes for improving the Dependability 
                         of aerospace and automotive systems. For this, it will present: 1) 
                         detailing process of a Dependability engineering; and 2) detailing 
                         process of a Dependability assurance, in order to establish 
                         processes that define/highlight/clarify activities pertaining to 
                         each area/discipline (Engineering and Assurance). These details 
                         were obtained from information collected from specialists in the 
                         area, experiences of the related areas of INPE and of companies 
                         contracted by INPE. It is expected that the adoption of such 
                         processes and detailing will produce: 1) improvements in the 
                         Dependability assessments and consequently; 2) shortened 
                         deadlines, costs and efforts devoted to the needed developments; 
                         3) same as unnecessary rework.",
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