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             abstract = "In the study of gravitational waves (GWs), the stochastic 
                         background generated by compact binary systems are among the most 
                         important kinds of signals. The reason for such an importance has 
                         to do with their probable detection by the interferometric 
                         detectors [such as the Advanced LIGO (ALIGO) and Einstein 
                         Telescope (ET)] in the near future. In this paper we are concerned 
                         with, in particular, the stochastic background of GWs generated by 
                         double neutron star (DNS) systems in circular orbits during their 
                         periodic and quasi-periodic phases. Our aim here is to describe a 
                         new method to calculate such spectra, which is based on an analogy 
                         with a problem of Statistical Mechanics. Besides, an important 
                         characteristic of our method is to consider the time evolution of 
                         the orbital parameters.",
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