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             abstract = "Background: Terra preta do indio or dark earth soils formed as a 
                         result of a long-term addition of organic matter by indigenous 
                         peoples in Amazonia. Aims: Here we report on the first study of 
                         productivity, allocation and carbon cycling from a terra preta 
                         plot in eastern Amazonia (Caxiuan{\~a}, Par{\'a}, Brazil), and 
                         contrast its dynamics with a nearby plot on infertile soil 
                         (ferralsols). Methods: We determined total net primary production 
                         (NPP) for fine roots, wood, and canopy and total autotrophic 
                         respiration (rhizosphere, wood, and canopy respiration) from two 
                         1-ha plots on contrasting soils. Results: Both gross primary 
                         productivity (GPP) (35.68  3.65 vs. 32.08  3.46 Mg C 
                         ha\−1 year\−1) and carbon use efficiency (CUE) (0.44 
                          0.06 vs. 0.42  0.05) were slightly higher at the terra preta 
                         plot. Total NPP (15.77  1.13 Mg C ha\−1 year\−1 vs. 
                         13.57  0.60 Mg C ha\−1 year\−1) and rates of fine 
                         root production (6.41  1.08 vs. 3.68  0.52 Mg C ha\−1 
                         year\−1) were also greater at the terra preta plot vs. the 
                         tower plot. Conclusions: Forests on terra preta soil fix slightly 
                         more carbon and allocate slightly more of that carbon towards 
                         growth than forests on the infertile plot, which leads to greater 
                         total NPP, which was disproportionately allocated to fine roots. 
                         However, since increased fine root NPP was partially offset by 
                         increased heterotrophic soil respiration, the increased root 
                         growth was unlikely to greatly enhance soil carbon stocks in terra 
                         preta soils.",
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