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                         calculations of the ion current distribution in plasma immersion 
                         ion implantation (PIII) with external magnetic field is presented. 
                         Later, Silicon samples were implanted with nitrogen ion to analyze 
                         the effect on them. The magnetic field considered is essentially 
                         non-uniform and is generated by two magnetic coils installed on 
                         vacuum chamber. The presence of both, electric and magnetic field 
                         in PIII create a crossed ExB field system, promoting drift 
                         velocity of the plasma around the target. The results found shows 
                         that magnetized electrons drifting in ExB field provide 
                         electron-neutral collision. The efficient ionization increases the 
                         plasma density around the target where a magnetic confinement is 
                         formed. As result, the ion current density increases, promoting 
                         significant changes in the samples surface properties, especially 
                         in the surface wettability.",
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