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             abstract = "We propose a model with 3-dimensional spatial sections, 
                         constructed from hyperbolic cusp space glued to Seifert manifolds 
                         which are in this case homology spheres. The topological part of 
                         this research is based on Thurstons conjecture which states that 
                         any 3-dimensional manifold has a canonical decomposition into 
                         parts, each of which has a particular geometric structure. In our 
                         case, each part is either a Seifert fibered or a cusp hyperbolic 
                         space. In our construction we remove tubular neighbourhoods of 
                         singular orbits in areas of Seifert fibered manifolds using a 
                         splice operation and replace each with a cusp hyperbolic space. We 
                         thus achieve elimination of all singularities, which appear in the 
                         standard-like cosmological models, replacing them by a torus to 
                         infinity. From this construction, we propose an alternative 
                         manifold for cosmology with finite volume and without 
                         Friedmann-like singularities. This manifold was used for 
                         calculating coupling constants. Obtaining in this way a 
                         theoretical explanation for fundamental forces is at least in the 
                         sense of the hierarchy.",
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