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             abstract = "We report the effect of incorporation of multi-walled carbon 
                         nanotubes (MWCNT) on the mechanical, structural, optical and 
                         electrochemical properties of diamond-like carbon (DLC) thin 
                         films. The DLC/MWCNT hybrid composite was deposited onto stainless 
                         steel and quartz substrates by plasma enhanced chemical vapor 
                         deposition at low temperature (\∼100C). Raman spectra of 
                         DLC/MWCNT film have characteristics from both DLC and MWCNT. The 
                         optical bandgap energy decreases with the incorporation of 
                         nanotubes. Scanning electron microscopy images confirm the 
                         presence of the MWCNT within the DLC film, forming a large 
                         interconnected conducting mesh. Tribological tests confirm there 
                         was slight adherence loss with incorporating MWCNT into the DLC 
                         films, while improving their electrical conductivity. 
                         Electrochemical assays show the incorporation of MWCNT converts 
                         DLC from an insulating material into a reversible electrode with 
                         fast charge transfer. This novel hybrid composite is shown to be 
                         mechanically robust, chemically inert and exhibits fast 
                         charge-transfer kinetics, which is very promising for several new 
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