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             abstract = "This paper aims to present the Comprehensiveness Balance for 
                         Efficiency (CBfE) method for Platform-Based Satellite Family. The 
                         lack of a penalty measurement to assess the performance loss of 
                         using a platform could reduce significantly the family 
                         performance. The method, taking into account the comprehensiveness 
                         of space missions and the platform characteristics defined at the 
                         conception phase, assesses the platform inefficiency, in terms of 
                         the additional mass required by the platform equipment to cope 
                         with the worst environment factors. The method covers the 
                         aerodynamic drag and torque, the Earths magnetic field, the 
                         eclipse and Sun energy absorption, the cumulated radiation dose 
                         absorbed by the electronic components and the effect on the 
                         structure to be prepared for several launchers. Based on this 
                         assessment and on an interactive process, the platform designer 
                         tunes the comprehensiveness with the suitable level of efficiency. 
                         A real case, the Brazilian MultiMission Platform project (PMM), is 
                         presented as an example of application. The method covers an 
                         existing gap on the platform development process for space 
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