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             abstract = "This paper presents an application of meta-heuristics to fault 
                         diagnosis. The idea behind this application is to develop methods 
                         for fault diagnosis that should be robust, sensitive and with an 
                         adequate computational cost. Applications of meta-heuristics are 
                         possible based on the formulation of fault diagnosis as an 
                         optimization problem. The results indicate the suitability of the 
                         use of meta-heuristics for fault diagnosis. In particular, this 
                         study shows an application of meta-heuristic termed Differential 
                         Evolution to diagnosing a DC Motor benchmark. This allowed 
                         developing a new variant of Differential Evolution, namely, 
                         Differential Evolution with Particle Collision. This new algorithm 
                         was validated with some benchmark functions for continuous 
                         optimization, showing that it over-performed the behavior of 
                         Differential Evolution.",
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