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             abstract = "The spatio-temporal variability of the eddy kinetic energy (EKE) 
                         in the South Atlantic Ocean (SAO) is investigated using 19 years 
                         of satellite altimetry observations. The EKE in this region 
                         presents different significant frequency modes. The interannual to 
                         intrannual cycles dominate the EKE variability spectrum. Spatial 
                         patterns of the EKE variance were also determined and associated 
                         with the propagation of the Agulhas Current eddies across the SAO. 
                         At the annual frequency, EKE anomalies are generated in the 
                         Agulhas leakage (AL) region and propagate westward. The 
                         interannual signal was associated with the Antarctic oscillation 
                         and displays a stationary spatial oscillation pattern in the 
                         Agulhas eddy corridor (AEC). This is the first time that a full 
                         spectral analysis of the EKE variability in the SAO is produced. 
                         Results show that the AEC is an important feature in the SAO, with 
                         low (high) frequencies associated to the west (east) part of the 
                         basin. The AL is a significant source of mesoscale variability to 
                         the South Atlantic subtropical gyre.",
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