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             abstract = "Aedes aegypti has played a major role in the dramatic expansion of 
                         dengue worldwide. The failure ofcontrol programs in reducing the 
                         rhythm of global dengue expansion through vector control 
                         suggeststhe need for studies to support more appropriated control 
                         strategies. We report here the results of alongitudinal study on 
                         Ae. aegypti population dynamics through continuous egg sampling 
                         aiming to char-acterize the infestation of urban areas of a 
                         Brazilian oceanic island, Fernando de Noronha. The spatialand 
                         temporal distribution of the dengue vector population in urban 
                         areas of the island was describedusing a monitoring system 
                         (SMCP-Aedes) based on a 103-trap network for Aedes egg sampling, 
                         using GISand spatial statistics analysis tools. Mean egg densities 
                         were estimated over a 29-month period start-ing in 2011 and 
                         producing monthly maps of mosquito abundance. The system detected 
                         continuous Ae.aegypti oviposition in most traps. The high global 
                         positive ovitrap index (POI = 83.7% of 2815 events)indicated the 
                         frequent presence of blood-fed-egg laying females at every 
                         sampling station. Egg density(eggs/ovitrap/month) reached peak 
                         values of 297.3 (0 2020) in May and 295 (0 2140) in August 
                         2012.The presence of a stable Ae. aegypti population established 
                         throughout the inhabited areas of the islandwas demonstrated. A 
                         strong association between egg abundance and rainfall with a 
                         2-month lag wasobserved, which combined with a first-order 
                         autocorrelation observed in the series of egg counts canprovide an 
                         important forecasting tool. This first description of the 
                         characteristics of the island infestationby the dengue vector 
                         provides baseline information to analyze relationships between the 
                         spatial distri-bution of the vector and dengue cases, and to the 
                         development of integrated vector control strategies.",
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