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             abstract = "Context: Software testing is a knowledge intensive process, and, 
                         thus, Knowledge Management (KM) principles and techniques should 
                         be applied to manage software testing knowledge. Objective: This 
                         study conducts a survey on existing research on KM initiatives in 
                         software testing, in order to identify the state of the art in the 
                         area as well as the future research. Aspects such as purposes, 
                         types of knowledge, technologies and research type are 
                         investigated. Method: The mapping study was performed by searching 
                         seven electronic databases. We considered studies published until 
                         December 2013. The initial resulting set was comprised of 562 
                         studies. From this set, a total of 13 studies were selected. For 
                         these 13, we performed snowballing and direct search to 
                         publications of researchers and research groups that accomplished 
                         these studies. Results: From the mapping study, we identified 15 
                         studies addressing KM initiatives in software testing that have 
                         been reviewed in order to extract relevant information on a set of 
                         research questions. Conclusions: Although only a few studies were 
                         found that addressed KM initiatives in software testing, the 
                         mapping shows an increasing interest in the topic in the recent 
                         years. Reuse of test cases is the perspective that has received 
                         more attention. From the KM point of view, most of the studies 
                         discuss aspects related to providing automated support for 
                         managing testing knowledge by means of a KM system. More- over, as 
                         a main conclusion, the results show that KM is pointed out as an 
                         important strategy for increasing test effectiveness, as well as 
                         for improving the selection and application of suited techniques, 
                         methods and test cases. On the other hand, inadequacy of existing 
                         KM systems appears as the most cited problem related to applying 
                         KM in software testing.",
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