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             abstract = "The power electrical generation at Brazil has been more and more 
                         discussed and required due to the huge economic and industrial 
                         expansion that our Country has been living. One of the methods of 
                         electrical power energy generation is the thermoelectric power 
                         plants which are capable of transform thermal energy, arising from 
                         the combustion chambers, into mechanical energy due to the 
                         rotation of the turbine blades and furthermore, transform this 
                         mechanical energy at the turbine into electrical energy. 
                         Therefore, the thermoelectric power plants have been playing a 
                         crucial role in the electric Brazilian sector, mainly as an 
                         emergency method of power generation, used when the most standard 
                         methods of generation are not capable of support the demand. This 
                         paper presents a zero dimensional analyses, through Matlab 
                         compiler, of an ideal system composed by combustion chamber, 
                         nozzle and turbine applied to a thermoelectric power plant. Three 
                         different types of mixture are compared for the combustion 
                         chamber: natural gas/air, CH4/N2O and C7H16/O2 yielding as a 
                         result 11 products: CO2, CO, H2O, H2, O2, N2, H, OH, O, NO, N. 
                         Parameters are adjusted in order to have an optimal electric 
                         generation system. Results are shown.",
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