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             abstract = "This work has the objective to show the Systems Engineering Plan 
                         (SEP) of NANOSATCBR. NANOSATC-BR 2 is the second satellite, 
                         CubeSat standard, of the NANOSATC-BR Program - Development 
                         Cubesats, which is performed in the facilities built on the 
                         partnership between the National Institute of Space Research and 
                         the Technological Center from Federal University of Santa Maria 
                         (LACESM/CRS/INPE-MCTI). This program primarily aims at developing 
                         and training human resources, enabling young students to be able 
                         to analyze, plan and execute projects in order to achieve release 
                         their second nanosatellite, the first (NANOSATC-BR 1) was launched 
                         in June 2014. This SEP was developed and produced in order to 
                         define methodologies, processes and organizations which will 
                         perform the technical activities, from project conception to its 
                         disposal, in accordance with the requirements and needs of 
                         stakeholders. In addition, the SEP provides the general assembly 
                         of Systems Engineering activities applied to the activities of 
                         soil systems and operation during the life cycle of the Project 
                         NANOSATC - BR2. The program has support and support of the 
                         Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).",
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