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             abstract = "A nonlinear lumped element transmission line (NLETL) that 
                         comprises an LC-ladder network where either the capacitors or 
                         inductors are nonlinear is used to convert an input rectangular 
                         pulse to a series of RF pulses at the output. This paper describes 
                         the implementation and demonstration of a high-voltage nonlinear 
                         hybrid line (NLHL) where both the line components (inductors and 
                         capacitors) are nonlinear. Lines with only one nonlinear component 
                         have been described in numerous publications in simulation and 
                         experiment whereas an NLHL has been described in only a few papers 
                         in simulation. There is no report about NLHL being tested to-date 
                         according to the best of our knowledge. We have built and tested 
                         an NLHL using commercial-off-the-shelf components. Instead of 
                         using complex pulse forming networks or pulse forming lines, a 
                         storage capacitor and a fast semiconductor switch are used to 
                         provide an input pulse with good approximation of a rectangular 
                         pulse shape. The experimental results are compared with 
                         simulations predicted by the in-house developed nonlinear lumped 
                         element transmission line (NLETL) circuit model. Analyses on the 
                         voltage modulation and frequency content of the output pulses are 
                         carried out. The conditions for producing RF pulses in NLHL and 
                         its performance are discussed.",
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