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             abstract = "The goal of this study was to determine the extent to which mixing 
                         and stratification processes influence the horizontal surface 
                         phytoplankton distribution in a tropical hydroelectric reservoir 
                         in Brazil. We used a synergistic approach that combines remote 
                         sensing bio-optical empirical and three-dimensional hydrodynamic 
                         modeling to represent phytoplankton dynamics. Seasonal differences 
                         were evaluated by simulating the bio-optical and the 
                         three-dimensional hydrodynamic models for two periods: the austral 
                         summer and winter of 2009. The three-dimensional hydrodynamic 
                         model simulations showed that the water column was completely 
                         mixed during winter; the water column remained stratified during 
                         summer. We also noticed a permanent thermocline during the summer 
                         between 15 and 25m in the reservoir. In both seasons, the surface 
                         current was wind driven and preferentially directed eastward. The 
                         bio-optical model showed that the horizontal surface phytoplankton 
                         distribution, as indicated by chlorophyll-a concentration, was 
                         heterogeneous during winter and homogenous during summer. 
                         Moreover, higher concentrations were observed by the empirical 
                         bio-optical model during winter (the highest mean areal 
                         concentration was 24\μgL-1) than in summer 
                         (2.1\μgL-1). This difference was explained by short 
                         timescale events, such as cold front passages, which contributed 
                         to the proliferation of phytoplankton in winter by enhancing 
                         vertical mixing in the water column. Lake number analysis showed 
                         that upwelling events were the most common mechanisms driving the 
                         mixing process during winter (LN<1 82% of the time). Combining 
                         remote sensing and three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling makes 
                         it possible to more fully analyze the dynamics of the horizontal 
                         surface phytoplankton distribution under different meteorological 
                         conditions. The two modeling techniques can be used in a 
                         complementary manner and serve as an essential tool for the 
                         environmental monitoring of aquatic systems.",
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