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             abstract = "For single-crystal epitaxial lead telluride films, Raman spectra 
                         obtained under conditions in which the intensity of incident 
                         radiation is minimized in order to suppress photo-initiated 
                         oxidative process are presented. The spectra were measured with an 
                         InVia Renishaw spectrometer at an exciting radiation wavelength of 
                         514.5 nm and in-line focusing of a 20-mu W beam. These measuring 
                         conditions allowed us for the first time to experimentally observe 
                         a large set of peaks for lead telluride, the positions of which 
                         were in line with the theoretical values of harmonics and 
                         combinatorial PbTe phonon modes. In order to demonstrate the 
                         possibilities of the methodology used, the picture of phonon modes 
                         for single-crystal and polycrystalline films of the Pb1 - x Eu (x) 
                         Te (0.05 a (c) 1/2 x a (c) 1/2 0.10) solution was additionally 
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