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             abstract = "A calibration-independent line-line method for broadband and 
                         simultaneous constitutive parameters determination of homogeneous 
                         metamaterial (MM) slabs is proposed. It is shown that the 
                         sufficient condition for parameters retrieval by the proposed 
                         method is to measure uncalibrated (raw) complex scattering 
                         parameters of measurement cells (different air regions in 
                         free-space) which are completely and partially loaded by the two 
                         identical metamaterial slabs. The stability of derived equations 
                         for different measurement uncertainty cases is analyzed. We have 
                         validated the proposed method by using simulated scattering 
                         parameters of a MM slab with split-ring-resonators and then by 
                         comparing the extracted electromagnetic parameters with those of a 
                         general method used in the literature in the cases with and 
                         without a small offset in reference-plane positions (as well as 
                         other measurement errors). From this comparison, we note that 
                         while the general method does not eliminate those errors, the 
                         proposed method not only does not introduce the nonphysical 
                         anti-resonance behavior but also removes the measurement errors 
                         arising from different mechanisms such as inaccurate 
                         reference-plane positions and mismatched connections.",
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