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             abstract = "This paper presents the attitude estimation using Kalman filter, 
                         the PID control strategy and the momentum dumping technique using 
                         magnetorquers for the Brazilian satellite CONASAT. Attitude will 
                         be represented in quaternions, so the Kalman filter will be 
                         implemented using the reduced order covariance, to avoid the 
                         singularity of the covariance matrix. The reaction wheel 
                         desaturation will be made using the Conventional Cross Product Law 
                         (CCPL) and a bang-bang strategy, for comparison by means of the 
                         magnetorquers. The results show that the Kalman filter estimates 
                         correctly the gyroscope bias, allowing the PID controller to keep 
                         the attitude error below 5, even during the satellite passage 
                         through the Earths shadow. The wheels speed decreased to the 
                         reference value (zero) in about 4500s, using either CCPL or the 
                         bang-bang strategy.",
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