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             abstract = "In the frame of the equilateral equilibrium points exploration, 
                         numerous future space missions will require maximization of 
                         payload mass, simultaneously achieving reasonable transfer times. 
                         To fulfill this request, low-energy non-Keplerian orbits could be 
                         used to reach L4 and L5 in the EarthMoon system instead of high 
                         energetic transfers. Previous studies have shown that chaos in 
                         physical systems like the restricted three-body EarthMoon-particle 
                         problem can be used to direct a chaotic trajectory to a target 
                         that has been previously considered. In this work, we propose to 
                         transfer a spacecraft from a circular Earth Orbit in the chaotic 
                         region to the equilateral equilibrium points L4 and L5 in the 
                         EarthMoon system, exploiting the chaotic region that connects the 
                         Earth with the Moon and changing the trajectory of the spacecraft 
                         (relative to the Earth) by using a gravity assist maneuver with 
                         the Moon. Choosing a sequence of small perturbations, the time of 
                         flight is reduced and the spacecraft is guided to a proper 
                         trajectory so that it uses the Moons gravitational force to 
                         finally arrive at a desired target. In this study, the desired 
                         target will be an orbit about the Lagrangian equilibrium points L4 
                         or L5. This strategy is not only more efficient with respect to 
                         thrust requirement, but also its time transfer is comparable to 
                         other known transfer techniques based on time optimization.",
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