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             abstract = "This paper shows the design and post-layout simulation of an 
                         integrated analog-to-digital interface for energy quality meter 
                         systems, in which voltages and currents are sampled and converted 
                         to digital values for later digital processing by a fully 
                         integrated system or discrete DSP. It has been used the switched 
                         capacitor technique on the sampling and conversion circuits, 
                         instead of the analog conventional techniques, thus reducing the 
                         circuit size and achieving a higher precision. The proposed analog 
                         front-end was successfully simulated in a 0.35um CMOS process from 
                         AMS. The system has six input channels and can reach 10 bits of 
                         resolution at a sampling rate of 369,000 words per second. The 
                         circuit takes an area of 5.2 mm2, including pads.",
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