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             abstract = "The HAND (Height Above the Nearest Drainage), a quantitative 
                         topographic descriptor, is used to classify terrain in a manner 
                         that is related to local soil water conditions, providing 
                         hydrological meaning to the SRTM DEM. In this paper, we compare 
                         performance of using the HAND grid instead of the SRTM DEM for 
                         classifying, at regional scale (19 000 000 km2), drainage 
                         conditions of terra firme environment (plateau, slope, ecotone and 
                         waterlogged) in the Eastern Amazon, Brazil. Additionally, we 
                         emphasize the need to attenuate the canopy effects of the SRTM DEM 
                         for the boundary between forested and deforested areas, in order 
                         to produce coherent data for hydrological modeling.",
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