author = "Bainy, Bruno Kabke and Buske, Daniela and Quadros, R{\'e}gis 
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             abstract = "This paper brings the first results concerning a new analytic 
                         model to evaluate atmospheric dispersion in rocket launch 
                         scenarios, namely the GILTTR (Generalized Integral Laplace 
                         Transform Technique for Rocket effluent dispersion) model. The 
                         model is constituted by three different modules, being them two 
                         pre-processors (micrometeorological parameters and deposition 
                         parameters) and the dispersion program. The dispersion 
                         calculations are made through the GILTT solution of the 
                         two-dimensional, time-dependant, advection-diffusion-deposition 
                         equation. The results show a set of simulations made using data 
                         from the Chuva Project from the Alcantara Rocket Launch Center 
                         (Brazil) for both stable and unstable planetary boundary layers 
                         (PBL), in order to evaluate model performance and illustration.",
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